26. června 2008 v 22:18
LoveKills collective is trying to organize the third edition of the festival. It is our strong desire to continue this festival, as we consider it to be very important for our struggle to make a difference especially in the romanian context, to live up to our anarcha-feminist ideas in a fundamentalist/orthodox/patriarchal society and even in a completely ignorant+sexist "scene". We are welcoming every individual/collective involved/interested in anarcha-feminism to take part in our festival, to support and help us. The festival will be taking place in Timisoara (West of Romania) during the last week-end of september 26th-27th. Anyone who is interested in presenting a workshop/lecture/documentary/exhibition, in performing or playing or anything else please contact us over:
You can find out more infos about our collective and on previous editions of our festival on the web site:

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