Ladyfest Romania

9. října 2007 v 8:30
Haló, haló, další Ladyfest na obzoru! Tentokrát v Rumunsku, v Bukurešti. A to tento víkend. Více info si přečtete zde.
Anglické prohlášení Ladyfestu:
Bucharest, October 12-14th 2007
"whatever your fight, don't be ladylike"
-- art and grassroots activism on gender issues

"ladyfest" was created in 2000 in olympia, u.s.a., in the spirit of diy and grassroots feminism of the "riot
grrrl" movement started in the early '90s to counter the machismo dominating punk culture, and has spread internationally. the ladyfest romania collective is a women-only group organized informally and
non-hierarchically, with no institutional ties, created in 2004 in timisoara to periodically put
together a diy, grassroots, non-profit, feminist- and queer-friendly festival with a content that's as
diverse as possible.

ladyfest romania #2 is being held in bucharest in october 2007. as in the case of the first edition,
with this festival we aim to showcase the artistic expression and social involvement of girls and women,
and at the same time to share ideas through music, spoken word, performance, film and video, art
exhibitions, presentations, workshops, discussions and actions, in a positive and inclusive atmosphere.
everyone is welcome! the organizing group is women-only, but volunteering and participation are
open to all. if you want to find out more or get involved in any way, we welcome all those who embrace gender equality, gender diversity, recognition of and a critical attitude towards misogyny,
heteronormativity and homophobia!

we believe as a group that given the deep-rooted sexism of Romanian society, as well as endurance of
gendered social roles permeating all aspects of life and all mediums, from the most mainstream to the most "alternative," there need to be highly versatile and outspoken voices (artistic and otherwise) to signal the social consequences of the former: the marginalization and belittling of "feminine" voices in
the public sphere, women's inferior positions as decision-makers within - and outside - families; the
invisibility and oftentimes inevitability of such positions; women as targets of violence and women as
victims of violence; women's stereotyping as mothers, whores etc.; women as bodies and sexual objects; the demonization of women's sexuality, homophobia, lack of access to resources and services, multiple burdens for women of color, etc.

ladyfest aims to celebrate all the girls to whom society doesn't offer the possibility of recognition
and mainstreamization, to signal a "feminine" presence that is currently afforded only limited visibility, to
counter stereotypes and social norms attributed to girls, women and femininity, and to be a collective
action by those who are persuaded that humanity unites us more than gender and sex divide us.

we are organizing a ladyfest because we want to promote women and girls who are active and who produce art and music - among other things - and because we believe that all of us have something important to contribute. we want a unique, original, diverse and fun festival that will present to the public some of the most innovative female artists from the underground, will offer an alternative perception of women from that found in mainstream culture, and will turn conventional ideas about gender on their head.

the organizing of ladyfest doesn't take place around a hierarchical organizational core and is also an
attempt to establish a network among as many people who embrace feminism as possible, which will mean putting together ideas and activities in a non-hierarchical way, open to new initiatives and
based on cooperation and inclusivity.

we are absolutely certain that activism - direct action with an explicit message - and involvement
based on ethical beliefs, especially with the do it yourself approach, constitute a strong mechanism for
making ourselves heard and seen and for publicly formulating an alternative to the social reality that
only privileges some people.

ultimately, we hope ladyfest romania will inspire women everywhere to become active in their communities and to take the initiative of creating similar spaces that will allow them to show their creativity, and to be seen and heard.

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