Bloody Mary - what is it?

6. prosince 2005 v 17:03 |  English
Bloody Mary is a feminist zine that started in April 2000 as a autonomous feminist activity after previous project and magazines like Luna and Esbat or Wicca ceased to exist some years ago. There was quite long gap of about 4- 5 years between those and the launch of BM.
Ten issues have been published so far and the 11th issue is coming soon. Number of pages was as small as 14 (1st issue) or as high as 72 (9).
BM started as a "pure punk feminist zine" drawing its roots from punk subculture and riot grrrls feminism. Themes of articles were as various as women´s poerty, riot grrrls, comments on current political situation or experiences with sexist behaviour within the punk subculture.
The layout also followed tradition of riot grrrls zines: dyi pictures, put into text by sticking with glue, and then all that photocopied - there were only about 200 hundred (or less) copies of each issue. Bloody Mary grew up from the need to have "the room of one´s own", to have purely women´s space where to write and read about women´s issues, their bands, their art, their problems, their view of the world. Women in czech anticapitalist movent still see that in spite of claiming equality the organizations, their (male) members, and their attitudes are sexist. These days the situation is changing, not necessarily in terms of being pro-feminist, but at least women´s rights are becoming the issue. Another feminist organization - the Anarchafeminist group - has done considerable work in this field.
The editorial stuff got together on one punk concert (so the legend says) where a punk guy was bothering and sexually harassing one of the editor-to-be. Two other girls "saved" her, became friends and founded the zine.
The first aim was to publish a monthly but the editors soon found out this was beyond their limits. Period between issues became larger and larger - at present, it can be as long as one year.
Each issue is focused on one theme: pregnancy, period, female warriors, trafficking, subcultures and patriarchy, sexuality. There are also some regular columns: the beauty myth, sexists amongst us, famous woman, female artists, column called "i don´t know", loved and hated for its irony, cheekyness, and stupidity, etc. We want to offer space for young women authors and artists, so there´s a request to readers for submitting with their poetry, stories each issue.
Our present activities consist of publishing the magazine, occasional organization of gigs, we´ve made t-shirts, stickers, and patches, all with feminist themes. Two of the editors are active in local Food Not Bombs branch. Our plan is to expand our cultural-political activities and to keep rioting!
BM can be reached at

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1 Immortal king Immortal king | Web | 6. prosince 2005 v 17:08 | Reagovat

vlastní překlad?

2 Emča Emča | 6. prosince 2005 v 21:02 | Reagovat

to je aby tu bylo něco anglicky,  jinak je to celkem k ničemu:)))

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